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Vapor Wave Classic Art Pants

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  • Street pants aren't made to be just worn on streets! Vapor Wave Classic Art Pants is a trendy, punk, and harajuku-inspired cargo femme bottoms that makes you always on the go wherever your feet may take you. Choose your most favorite black crop top and you're free to go
  • This famous pants is made from quality Polyester and Spandex materials, and it's Knitted fabric is proven meticulously crafted, just look at those prints!!
  • Makes a perfect gift to your sheena, suchcute friends and loved ones who loves wearing wide pantalon
  • Vapor Wave Classic Art Pants' length covers your legs fully and high waist
  • These white trousers are available in 3 sizes: Small, Medium and Large. You may check the images attached for the accurate measurements, features and close-up pictures