Collection: Patches

Patches have become increasingly trendy and popular. They can be a great addition to your attire, and can help you make a statement! Gone are the days when patches were utilized for only practical uses such as covering up holes in clothing.

Nowadays, they have also become a cool fashion accessory. We’ve got patches that can help you convey a wide variety of messages. All of them have been stitched and embroidered with utmost care and precision. If you want to show off your Sci-Fi fandom, you should try out our ‘I Want to Leave’ patch. It’s design primarily consists of a person being beamed up to an alien UFO.

You should definitely wear it if you’re heading to next Comic-Con or Sci-Fi convention in your town. Are you really loving the 420 life? You should try out our ‘Weed Leaf’ patch. Show everyone your love for weed by attaching this patch to your jacket, top, or any other piece of clothing you like. There are various ways in which you can attach these patches to your clothing.

You can choose whatever method you are comfortable. First of all, you can iron the patch on to the piece of clothing. Moreover, you can also apply an Appliqued patch by using a hand sewn blanket stich around the corners of the patch. This can give a really cool look around the patch.

However, the classic and traditional way to attach your patch on your clothing is to sew it on with your own hands. Therefore, you should definitely consider patches if you want to up your style game. Not only can they be used to make social and political statements, but also personal fashion statements. They have the potential to act as a badge of your personality and identity.