Collection: Kittens

Meow meow purrr purrr mew mew MEOW meow. If you need a translator, we just said “Welcome to our Kinky Cloth’s Kitten Collection.” 🐱

If your Number 1 search on Instagram is #catsofinstagram, you’d rather stay home with your fur babies than go out with human friends, and you relate too much to EHarmony girl that starts crying when she talks about cats, then you will surely find something adorable in this collection to satisfy your Cat Lady cravings!

For those who enjoy Kitten Play, we have all the accessories to express your inner cat. Finally you will knead pillows with soft, squish, jelly bean toes with our “Kitten Paw Gloves,” or complete the look with ears and a tail in our “Kittens Play Set.” You can also go for a Japanese Anime Neko cat girl look with our “Kawaii Cat Lingerie Set,” that includes a bell choker collar so your Master can tell where his Submissive Kitty is in the house. 🛎

If you want to express your love of cats without dressing up like a cat, we have multiple super cute items that cover a range of fashion styles. For edgier, goth styles, our “Cat Rx Sweatshirt,” “Neko Mancer Shirt,” and “Cat Ying Yang Sweater” walk the fine line between spooky and Cutie! ☠️🐱 For minimalist styles, we have our “Kitten Paw Prints” top and a shirt for our French speakers with our “Un Deux Trois Cat” T-Shirt. For colder weather, our “Cat Eyes Hoodie” and “I’m A Cat Hoodie,” will surely turn heads and whiskers! ➰🐱

And if you want a Kawaii Pastel Pink  explosion in your wardrobe, we’ve got lots of socks, Hello Kitty tights, tops, bell collars, panties, stuffies, backpacks, purses, and phone cases! 🌸🐱 We guarantee to cover you head to toe in the only good thing left in this dreadful world: CATS! 😻