Collection: Little Boy

So many people forget that Little Boys exist too! We think this is ridiculous because Little Boys deserve just as much cuteness, cuddles, and crayons as any female-identifying Little. Little Space and Age Regression should be inclusive to all gender expressions no matter what! Whether you’re a Little Boy, a Little Girl, and/or a Trans Little, we will help you express what’s inside you! 🍼💙💕

This collection includes some “conventionally” boyish colors and designs. Each DDLB/MDLB shirt design is available in light green and sky blue, similar to the colors you’d paint a baby boy’s nursery. We also have frogs, dinosaurs, and puppies on some shirts because these animals seem to be the favorites of the Little Boy community. 🐶🐸🦖🦕 If you enjoy pastels of any color, plenty of boys have purchased and rocked our “Flower Diaper Baby” top with pink text, and our “Rainbow Unicorn Shirt” in lavender, which goes to show being a Little Boy can be whatever you want to be.

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