Collection: Mommy Dom

Does submitting to a woman in a dominant role or dominant female who is caring, nurturing and motherly turn you on? Then you are sure to like our assortment of mommy domme roleplay clothing, outfits and accessories!

The MDLB (mommy dom little/baby boy) and MDLG (mommy domme little girl) relationship is between consenting adults who enjoy age play and age related role play. It is similar to dd lg or ddlb daddy dom relationships in that it is about submission, punishment, obedience and nurturing - so treat your little girl or baby boy with some of our unique and kinky mommy dom apparel!

For little space boys & girls we have the perfect choice of shirts, stuffed animals, blankies, tea party sets, dresses, teddy bears, cute socks and more. Perfect for when it's time for cuddling with mommy (or mommies!).