Collection: DDLG

Looking for DDLG outfits and clothing? Welcome to paradise! Daddy doms & little girls love our original tops, clothing & accessories to enhance your sex life! Explore this inherently sexy & kinky power dynamic with our all original tops, apparel & accessories. Experiment with domination and submission in a safe and sexy way! You stomp through the door, exhausted and grumpy from adulting all day. You kick off your shoes, grab your stuffie, and make a B-Line for the best person in the entire world: your daddy. But wait! Before you receive cuddles, you must get into your little uniform. It’s the rules! What's that? You don't have one? Then you're in the right place. If you are interested in shopping the cutest, most adorable clothing and accessories to help you escape adult life and dive into Little Space, our DDLG Collection is perfect!

What exactly is DDLG? Standing for daddy dom little girl - this term in the kink community refers to consenting adults who participate in a form of BDSM often referred to as age play or age regression. In other words, it's an expression of ones inner child. Often times there is a "daddy" who is in the dominant role of being an authoritative & nurturing caregiver who doles out love (and sometimes punishments!). There are generally two variations of the DDLG community: DDLG kink (a combination of sexual and non sexual activities) versus Caregiver/CGL DD LG (a strictly non sexual expression). Little ages range from 18 and up, you can never be too old to be a little!

We have products for all participants including stuffed animals, coloring books, outfits, chokers and more! For couples who love getting BUSY as much as they get cuddly, our custom DDLG crop tops and t-shirts come highly recommended! Whether you’re “Daddy’s Little Fuck Toy” or a “Deep Throat Princess,” you’re bound to find a sexy, comfortable top for DDLG play time - just don't forget your safe word! Let’s just see how long it stays on you. Speaking of more clothes Daddy will remove, make sure to check out the wide range of DDLG panties in this collection, including “Yes Daddy,” “CUMSLUT,” “Kitten,” and an “I Love You Daddy” thong. He’ll be spanking you all night long!

For those who prefer SFW/non-kink DDLG relationships, we’ve got custom designed shirts for you too! “Daddy’s Baby Girl,” and “Daddy’s Little Girl” really capture the DDLG kink dynamic, while remaining non sexual. A lot of these shirts are also included in our ABDL Collection, so be sure to check that out if you also enjoy diaper-play with your Daddy! So after you’ve dressed yourself in a Kinky Cloth adult onesie, Kawaii bear thigh high socks, and a “Baby Girl” collar, you’re finally ready for cuddles! You climb into your daddy dom's lap and he holds you tenderly in his strong arms. He strokes your hair and tells you how proud of you he is. Moments like this with him make everything worth it!