Collection: Dominant

Are you a Daddy to your Little Girl, Dom to your Sub, or Master to your Slave? Then you absolutely need to check out our ‘Dominant’ collection. All of our items will help you up your kink game and remind your sub whose boss. We have wide variety of item ranging from collars to tops, each one designed to help you make things more intense in the bedroom. You can choose from our wide variety of shirts and tops that send a message of dominance and control. Slipping into one of these will make you feel more confident in front or your Sub, so that you can show them their place.

We also have tops for submissive sluts so that they can constantly be reminded to be obedient to their master. We also have ultra sexy bodysuits, harnesses, and mini-dresses that will make you look irresistible in bed. Not only will they accentuate your curves, they are also super comfortable to wear. Use them to unleash you inner sex goddess and dominatrix! All of these outfits are versatile in their styled and can be paired with various other accessories as well. They come in different designs and colors so you can use different one for each of your BDSM sessions.

We also have items like penis chastity cages. This is a great way to show your man who really owns his penis. We also have collars so that you can show your Sub that they are your pet and you are their master. As you can see, the possibilities of enhancing your kinkiness with our products, are endless. Hence, if you are looking to get rough and kinky, our ‘Dominant’ collection is an ideal place to start. Your outfit speaks a great deal about who you are or what you wish to portray. Keep this in mind the next time you want to get down and dirty with your partner and dominate them in bed.