Collection: Pet Play

During pet play, we live to serve and obey our Owners.

Pet Play is a fun way to play in the consensual Dominant/Submissive space if full on BDSM is a little too dark and scary for you (ps dark and scary is great too!) 

What are some animals people dress up as and how do they express this lifestyle? The most popular are definitely Kitten and Puppy Play, but others include Unicorn Play, Pony Play, Bat Play, Wolf Play, Fox Play, and Bunny Rabbit Play.

This play time includes the Submissive dressing up in their cat/dog ears, tails, and custom collars and engaging in all the wild animal behaviors: begging, kneeling, petting , being punished/crated, barking/meowing, and taking walks on a leash.

The Owner provides affection (sexual or non-sexual depending on your boundaries) when the Pet / Kitten / Puppy behaves, and discipline when they misbehave.

This activity involves gear like animal ears, clip on/plug tails, leashes, harnesses, collars, paw mittens, whips, and lingerie which help express your inner spirit animal. This collection has all of these items and more to individually express your place in the Pet /Kitten / Puppy Communities!

We can help you be ready to pounce once your Owner walks through the door! 🐕🐩🐈🐿