Collection: ABDL

Do the stresses of adult life get you down? When you arrive home from work, does escaping into a land of cartoons, stuffies, and no responsibilities help calm your anxieties? Basically what we’re asking is have you ever feel like a baby inside a grown up's body? Well you're not alone! Adult baby / diaper kink is an incredibly common fetish among consenting adults.

This ABDL (Adult Baby Diaper Lover) lifestyle is very diverse! Some practice Age Regression where their behavior mimics that of a Little Girl or Little Boy. They dress up in adult onesies, rompers, jumpers, pacifiers, shirts, crop tops and outfits to match the age they feel inside. They also participate in Little Space activities, which include Disney / animated movies, coloring with crayons and coloring books, cuddling with stuffed toys, drinking beverages from baby bottles or sippy cups, and being given bathes from your Daddy Dom / Mommy Domme.

Some Diaper Lovers do not practice this kind of Age Regression though! For some, the diapers add a special kinky aspect to their Dominant / Submissive power dynamic. They enjoy being changed by their Dominant, so it’s less about feeling like a baby, and more about being helpless. Typically, these Diaper Lovers wear their adult diapers in public under their adult clothes, reveling in this secret.

More recently, some Diaper Lovers have started experimenting with vibrator edging and teasing while wearing their diapers. If you’re looking for more sex toys to incorporate into Diaper Play, check out our Toys and Accessories Collection.