Collection: Lingerie And Panties

Would you like to “slip into something more comfortable” and surprise your significant other with a new sexy outfit? This collection holds a wide variety of lingerie, panties, thongs, underwear, fishnets, tights, nighties, nightgowns, pasties, and bodysuit style clothing to help make bed room activities even more enjoyable. 😉

Inspired by DDLG, CGLG, Goth, Kawaii, Stoner, and BDSM aesthetics, we’ve got something to set the mood for all styles and body types, including plus sizes!

For DDLG, check out our “Yes Daddy” and “I Love You Daddy” Panties. He will surely reward you for being such a good Little. 💕

If you’ve got a great booty and are 420 friendly, our “Roll your Weed on it” panties are the perfect combination of high-larious and hot. 💚

If you love lace, frills, and everything girly, our “Cherry Panties,” “Lace Temptation Panties,” and numerous other Panties decorated with satin, ribbons, fruit, lace, pastel colors, ruffles, polka dots, and mesh will make you feel like the pretty princess you are! 👑

And for our BDSM lovers, we’ve got some more aggressive messages with our “Cumslut Panties,” “Spank This Side, Lick The Other Panties,” “Fuck Me Panties,” “Anal Whore Panties,” and lots of other strap harnesses, thigh high tights, corsets, and teddies. 🖤

So mix and match within this collection to build a fantastic outfit. Hopefully it will turn your partner on and end up in a pile on your bedroom floor. 😈