Collection: Raves & Festivals

Does the beat of electronic music mimic the beat of your heart? ❤️Is an EDM festival more like church for you than a concert? 💒Does the beat finally dropping at a dubstep show make you higher than any drug you’ve taken before? 💊Then you are living the festival life, and we have the perfect collection to make your Rave Girl dreams a reality!

Ever have a difficult time navigating the festival after dark? Well we’ve got you covered with multiple “Glow in the Dark” products! Show off your Shibari Rope skills with our luminous Glow in the Dark Paracord Rope. Light up the party with LED glasses, a glowing pacifier, light up shoe laces, gloves (to accentuate your moves), and a Glow in the Dark ashtray so you don’t miss when you ash your blunts.

The other huge raver trend is holographic everything! 🌈This oil slick, rainbow, silver material is so eye catching and fun that we’ve stocked this collection with diverse products! From skirts, bikinis, two piece sets, backpacks, Fanny packs, shirts, kaleidoscope glasses, and chokers, everyone will be looking at you and admiring your voluptuous rave booty!

So get out there and motherf*cking DANCE because your festival fashion is sure to be on point you Trap Queen! 👑