Collection: Stoner

If you believe it’s always 4:20 somewhere and are counting down the days until they legalize it (everywhere!) and let the fresh aroma of dank marijuana float through the streets, our Stoner collection is for you!

These weed inspired products and apparel cover the desires of any cannabis community member! Whether you smoke recreationally or use medicinal marijuana (or both 😉) you are sure to find something totally unique! 

For our cute pot-smoking stoner sweethearts, enjoy a wide range of adorable Mary Jane themed leggings, socks, crop-tops, t-shirts, and panties.

If you need ganja related gift for a special someone, check out our Uni-sex t-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, hats and accessories.

So roll a big fat blunt, take an extra bong hit, vaporize another dab, or down an extra edible in our honor while you’re chilling in your new Kinky Cloth gear. Long live the High Life! 💚🌬