Kinky Cloth 200003977 Shiny Long Latex Punk Gloves

Shiny Long Latex Punk Gloves

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  • Punk, shiny and long. The Shiny Long Latex Punk Gloves is a plain-colored gloves made from quality Synthetic Latex material. It is meticulously crafted to meet strict quality standards
  • You can wear this on specific cosplay, costume party, Halloween or even as part of your lingerie
  • You can combine it with a novelty lubricant for an extra sensual experience during intimate night with your partner
  • Guaranteed made to fulfill your jazz ensemble
  • Has a 220D thickness and 20% elastic
  • There are 4 colors for you to choose from. Be sure to pick one that matches your style and needs
  • Check the size chart below for the accurate measurements per size
SMALL 20-26cm 57cm
MEDIUM 24-30cm 61cm
LARGE 26-34cm 65cm