Kinky Cloth 200000743 Open Breast Leather Bustier Top

Open Breast Leather Bustier Top

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  • Eye-catching, steamy, and hot. The Open Breast Leather Bustier Top is an extremely lively pair of bra that tantalizes anyone who sees it whether it be during the day or night. You will definitely make heads turn with this sexy nipple showing piece
  • Not only can it be used as lingerie, but it can also be worn to seduce someone special or just feel the breeze while maintaining ample breast support
  • Made from quality faux leather and spandex material this is sure to be comfortable and durable
  • This naughty set is available in 5 different size variations. Be sure to check it out to make sure it fits your enchanting body
  • Bands Size: 28
  • Bands Size: 30
  • Bands Size: 32
  • Bands Size: 34