Kinky Cloth 200000790 Black / L Black Punk Suspender Bustier Top

Black Punk Suspender Bustier Top

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  • Powerful, lively and very seducing. The Black Punk Suspender Bustier Top features a sexy hallow out with chain decoration, bust-fitted ensemble, and 4 pins that you can connect to your favorite panty or underwear. Wearing this emphasizes your desired curves, amazingly!
This is black cat-suit inspired bra is something versatile that you can use to add excitement to your intimate role playing sessions with Daddy
  • You can also wear this as an eye-catchy and punk bralette during parties, events, cosplays, halloween, or even under any of your beautiful dresses and coats
  • A one-piece lingerie is made from quality, careful crafted PU Leather plus Metal materials
  • Available in sizes from Small to XL body frames. Be sure to pick one that fits your luscious body perfectly