Kinky Cloth 200003991 Black 55cm Anime Fox Ears and Tail Set

Anime Style Cosplay Fox Ears and Tail Set

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  • Complete your roleplay outfit ensemble! The Anime Style Fox Ears and Tail Set is a realistic, cute and furry sex toy that gives fulfillment to your intimate night with your partner. It's designed to wag beautifully everytime you make motions and sexy booty movements
  • It features a Japanese-inspired fox furry tail and ears and made from quality and safe Plush material
  • You can even use this Anime Style Fox Ears and Tail Set on specific cosplays, costume party or special events
  • There are 3 colors for you to choose from. Pick one that best fits for the occasion
  • Available in 3 sizes: 55cm, 65cm and 85cm