What is DDLG?

What is DDLG?

Heard the term DDLG floating about in the BDSM community? Wondering what it actually means? Fret not. It is a pretty recent term, and the kink is still fairly niche. There are plenty of people that haven't heard about it. On this page, we are going to try and answer some of the most burning questions that people have related to DDLG.

What is DDLG?

First things first, what does DDLG stand for? Well, it stands for 'Daddy Dom, Little Girl'.

While we are going to go into depth on what this relationship entails in the next section, perhaps the best way to think of it is that the female partner in the relationship regresses in age. They act younger than they actually are, almost as if they were a child. The male partner acts as an almost fatherly figure to the female.

There are a few variations of this kink. Some with females in the more dominant role, for instance. They pretty much all boil down to the same thing, though. This is one person playing the role of a dom adult and somebody that has age-regressed to the point where they act like a child.

One final point to note here is that DDLG is not an incestuous relationship. So, no. It is not going to be a father in a relationship with his daughter. We are positive that this would be looked down upon in the community. In fact, a lot of people that follow this kink may not even make it seem as if the relationship is like incest. They just have one person in power, and the other one submissive. Simple as that.

Here are two terms that you need to know before we move on:

  • Caregiver is the name given to the dominant person in this relationship. They are the one in control.
  • Little is the name given to the submissive person in the relationship. When they are acting as a little, they are said to be in the 'littlespace' 

What is a DDLG Relationship?

This is something that is going to differ from relationship to relationship.

There are some that practice DDLG that will never make their relationship sexual. In their mind, it is 'wrong' for a dom adult to want sexual relations with somebody that is acting much younger. This is completely fine. People should only be pushing their kinks as far as they are comfortable.

Some people will make their DDLG relationship sexual. Again, this is completely fine. As long as you are not harming anybody else, consenting adults are 100% free to do whatever they want in the bedroom.

Some people will even take the DDLG relationship away from the bedroom and follow it in their everyday life. This includes when they leave their home, although the latter is somewhat rarer. 

No matter whether the DDLG relationship is sexual or not, they will share a few similarities.

The Sub Will Act Like a Child

As part of the age regression, the sub will act like a child.

This may involve playing with children's toys. It may involve wearing clothes that children typically can wear (e.g onesies)

Because the whole idea is that the little is regressed in age, they can act out. This may mean throwing tantrums, etc.

Some littles will act as if they are completely innocent in the world of sex and they are just learning how everything works.

Some littles may even get into a headspace where they talk like a child e.g. poorer grammar, less-sophisticated word usage, etc. How far they take it is completely up to them. 

The Dom Remains in Control and Sets Rules

The dom will set the rules, almost as if they are a fatherly figure.

This may mean giving the little a bedtime or a fixed routine that they need to follow (e.g. specific bathtimes). 

This may mean that the dom has to punish the little when the little appears to be acting out e.g. breaking the rules, or throwing tantrums.

The dom is also responsible for helping to ensure that the little remains in that 'age regressed state. Although, once again, the dom can take it as far as they want.

How Do You Find a DDLG Relationship?

Most BDSM dating websites will have plenty of people that are into the DDLG kink.

If you are in a relationship yourself, then it doesn't hurt to ask your partner. Just bring it up in conversation every so often. Try to incorporate it into your sex life once or twice. You never know, both of you may end up enjoying it.

Don't try and get yourself into a DDLG without the permission of the other person, though. It does need to be a consenting relationship.

Final Word 

Of course, we are just scratching the surface of what a DDLG relationship involves here. It is going to be different for everybody. Once you have found a partner that you can be in a DDLG with, then set some ground rules. We are sure that you will have a ton of fun.

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