Collection: Toys & Accessories

This collection is a wonderland of items to fit any style or aesthetic. You’re sure to find something unique and special!

If Kawaii Lolita girly designs catch your eye, we’ve got a plethora of pastel pink products for you to choose from. Some of the most popular products include our Pom Pom headbands, Kitten/Pusheen the Cat socks, Hello Kitty tights, and pink bow thigh high socks.

We’ve also got Barbie pink glitter jewelry with our Doll earrings and Daddy necklace which will add the prettiest sparkle to your look! The possibilities to look precious are endless! 🌸

If you’d rather swap pink for black, there’s a lot of items for our Pastel Goth/Harajuku/Punk Rock enthusiasts. Our vegan leather choker collars cover a range of styles. Some are minimalist and subtle, some are thicker and more BDSM inspired, and some are decorated with satin roses and spikes for an edgy, but beautiful look.

We also have fishnet tights, garter tights, and Ouija Board socks to wear with your combat boots. You will definitely find an accessory that looks great with all black.

So treat yourself to some jewelry, hair accessories, or hosiery. Let’s turn your Kinky Cloth clothing into a Kinky Cloth outfit!