When Do You Need To Use Personal Sexual Lubricant?

When Do You Need To Use Personal Sexual Lubricant?

When it comes to using personal sexual lubricant, we suggest that you use it pretty much all the time. It pretty much always makes sex feel better. In other cases, it is just a bit more pleasant for the person that you are boning. Let's explain.

When Masturbating (Particularly If Circumcised)

If you are circumcised, then you probably wouldn't want to masturbate without a lubricant. Obviously, you can do it. Plenty of people do. However, the second that you throw some lube in there, everything just feels a lot better. After all, you won't have that foreskin providing you with a bit of extra flair to your bating sessions. Even if you have never used lube before, we suggest that you get some in there and spice things up a little bit. You can thank us later.

Even if you haven't been circumcised, you will likely feel that adding a bit of lube in there helps. After all, our hands haven't exactly been designed for wrapping around a penis. They aren't wet. You just have a solid grip on your dick. Using some lube will reduce the friction, which can reduce the 'chaffing' some people get when they masturbate regularly. 

During Sex

Contrary to popular belief, you shouldn't only be using lube when your partner isn't able to get 'wet'. Well, 'wet' in the same way that they did in the past. Poor lubrication of the vagina is a common side-effect of the menopause.

People will benefit from using personal lubricant pretty much all the time. Sure, you don't have to. It just makes things feel a little bit better. It will make it easier for the penis to glide in and out of the vagina. This means that your sex can be a bit faster and harder.

A lot of people find that, during sex, they can get small micro cuts on the penis. This is due to the friction of sex. The more you have sex, the more chance there is of being a friction burn on the penis. In many cases, it can make sex painful, and it may even increase the risk of getting an infection from sex.

Using a lube during sex will throw these issues out the window. It will reduce friction on the penis. It makes sex feel better. What's not to like?

Do bear in mind that there are a few different lubes on the market. You will want to ensure that you choose the right one for the situation i.e. you probably shouldn't be using an oil-based lube if you are using condoms. It will break down the condom. Always go for a water-based lube. Actually, even if you are not using a condom, we still recommend that you go for a water-based lube. It is just much safer to use, and it is far less likely to cause issues in the vagina. 

For Blowjobs

Now, you don't strictly need to use a personal sexual lubricant if you are getting a blowjob. In fact, it is probably not going to have any impact on the person that is actually receiving the blowjob. it is more for the benefit of the giver.

Some people are not huge fans of giving blowjobs. They just do it in order to please their partner. Thankfully, there are many lubes on the market that have a bit of flavor to them. This can make giving the blowjob a touch more pleasurable. After all, would you rather the taste of a penis in your mouth, or something that tastes like strawberry or chocolate (two of the most common flavors for personal sexual lubricants)

For Anal

This is probably the only time when a personal sexual lubricant is an absolute necessity. 

The ass isn't built for sex. Of course, that doesn't really stop people wanting to be deep inside of it. It is tight on a woman, which is awesome for a man. For men, their g-spot is inside of the ass, so you probably want to get inside of there for some cracking orgasms.

While you can have anal sex without lube, it is hard. It is going to be difficult to get a penis into the ass, and it is going to be immensely painful too. Adding some lube into the equation can make everything a whole lot easier. Sure, it is still going to be on the painful side for some people, but nowhere near as painful as going lube-less. 

When Using Toys

If you are using a toy that is going inside of you, then we recommend that you use lube. 

Using lube here has pretty much the same benefit as during sex. It just reduces the friction.

If you are using a male sex toy e.g. a masturbation sleeve, or a fleshlight, then we highly recommend that you use some sort of lube. These male sex toys have been designed specifically for use with lube. If you don't use it, then you don't get the full pleasure. After all, how can something simulate the feel of being inside a vagina if it doesn't actually feel 'wet'.

If you are going to be using a lube with your toys, then make sure that you only ever use water-based lube. If you use any other sort of lube, then you run the risk of drastically shortening the lifespan of your toys. 

Final Thoughts

There is barely a sexual situation where we wouldn't recommend the use of a personal sexual lubricant.

It is vital that you use lube whenever engaging in anal, using a toy (especially male sex toys) or masturbating when you have been circumcised.

In every other situation, the lubricant isn't a necessity. However, we can promise you that you will find sex becomes a whole lot more pleasurable when you add some lube into the mix.

Remember, in pretty much all situations where you are using lube, you should use a water-based lube. It is far safer. 

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