What is a Rope Bunny?

What is a Rope Bunny?

Rope bunny. Sounds like a rather cutesy term, doesn't it? Well, we suppose it is. The thought of bunnies is always going to conjure up images of things that are cute as hell. A rope bunny may not be quite what you are expecting, though. Well, it may be. You are on a site dedicated to the kinkier side of people, after all.

What is a Rope Bunny?

To put it simply, a rope bunny is somebody that enjoys being tied up. While most people assume that only women can be rope bunnies, men can be too. It is just a little bit rarer to find a man that enjoys being called a rope bunny, for obvious reasons.

While the term rope bunny is used heavily in the fetish community, it doesn't necessarily mean that rope bunnies do it for the sexual thrill. There are some people that don't really see it as a sexual experience at all. They just love the excitement of being tied up. 

Rope play is something heavily used by those that are quite submissive. They just love the thrill of thier partner tying them up so they can't go anywhere. Although, somewhat surprisingly, there are people that also engage in rope bunny play completely solo. Obviously, this is something that is a little bit rarer, but it certainly isn't unheard of to happen.

How Do You Get Started as a Rope Bunny?

Perhaps the most difficult part of getting started as a rope bunny is actually deciding that you want to be tied up. You don't really stumble into being tied up. Well, not unless you are a victim of a crime. This means that a lot of rope bunnies get started by a quick suggestion from their partner. It often begins as part of a dominant/submissive play and extends from there.

If you are just diving into rope play for the first time, then try and keep things simple. The hands or feet being tied up. Nothing too strenuous. Get a feel for whether it is something that you truly do enjoy.

As we said before, being a rope bunny doesn't have to be sexual. A lot of people don't make it sexual at all. They just use it as a method to bring two partners a bit closer together. However, let's be honest, if you are checking out rope play for the first time, you probably are going to try and make it sexual somewhere along the line.

Remember, while the submissive partner is meant to be submissive, they should still have a little bit of control over what happens to them. For example, if a submissive person doesn't want their rope bunny play to extend beyond a little bit of hands and feet being tied up, then it should never progress beyond that. All bondage is only fun when two people are on the same level.

As you start to become more and more familiar with rope bunny play, you can get more exciting with how you are tied up. There are plenty of different ways that people have made rope bunny play exciting. A lot of the time, it involves the entire body being tied up. This means that somebody won't be able to move while their dominant partner gets to explore their body. Honestly, some of the bondage options that we have seen have made rope bunny play as somewhat more of an erotic experience rather than raw sexual thrill. You should experiment with what you like the most. 

If you really love the whole idea of being a rope bunny, then you can even purchase clothing that has ropes built into it. It just adds an extra dynamic to the play, which some people love a whole lot. 

What Do You Need to be a Rope Bunny?

Perhaps not surprisingly, you don't need anything more than a few ropes to get started. We probably wouldn't just go and pick up ropes from your local hardware store, though.

The problem with generic rope is that it can be quite painful to have against your skin. It hasn't really been designed to tie up people. As a result, we do suggest that you buy proper bondage rope. It is much more comfortable to have pressed up against your skin, even for hours on end. The rope tends to be of a much, much higher quality too.

That's about it. You don't need anything more than rope. Later on, you can expand into proper rope bunny clothing. However, that is a little bit later on down the line. For now, just work out whether being a rope bunny is something that you really want to be. If it is, then you can gradually expand the kit that you have available.

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