Are Sex Swings Worth It?

Are Sex Swings Worth It?

Sex swings are starting to gain a huge amount of popularity. If you are building your own sex room, or just want to get a bit more experimental in the bedroom, then you may be told that you should get yourself a sex swing. So, are sex swings worth it? Let's take a look.

What Is a Sex Swing?

A sex swing pretty much does what it says on the tin.

A sex swing is where a person, generally a female, can be suspended in the air. Not too high, though.

The sex swing will then enable slightly more 'extreme' sex positions, or find that a man has an easier time entering his partner.

Many people that use a sex swing are able to tackle adventurous positions that they wouldn't have otherwise been able to tackle. It makes switching sex positions pretty easy, and it can play well into BDSM games.

When Is a Sex Swing Worth It?

Sex swings are worth it for those men that suffer from back pain. Yes. We know that we didn't really start on the kinkiest note here, but it seems as if the vast majority of people that pick up a sex swing do so because they are suffering from immense back pain.

Because a sex swing allows you to move the woman up, it allows a man to enter his partner from a standing position. There is no need to be hunched over the bed for some positions! This means that if you have been out of commission for a while, you can start to experiment with some crazy sex positions again.

While we are on the subject of crazy sex positions, a sex swing works well for those that love to experiment in bed. When somebody is strapped into place, you can move that swing around as much as you want. This will allow you to enter your partner in a multitude of different ways. Hell, you can spin the upside down, if you want. This is not the sort of thing that you would be able to do if you were fucking somebody on a bed. A lot of people that get a sex swing installed find that they end up a whole lot kinkier in the bedroom.

Of course, a sex swing is also going to be great for those that are into their BDSM stuff. Obviously, when somebody is strapped into a sex swing, they can't move. You have complete control over them. Both a dom and a sub will love it. A good sex swing can really shake up what you can do on the whole BDSM front, particularly if you are more into the punishment side of things.

In our opinion, the pros of a sex swing will far outweigh the cons of a sex swing. We have yet to see a sexual relationship that hasn't been spiced up with the addition of a sex swing to the bedroom, and we reckon that you will have a ton of fun with one too. The best part is that most sex swings, even the good ones, shouldn't be too expensive. We are talking a couple of hundred dollars, at the most. They take a while to install, but that should be fine for most people.

When You Probably Don't Need a Sex Swing

Sex swings are fantastic because they allow you to try many new positions. You will be surprised how crazy things can get when you are suspended in the air.

The thing is, sex swings are not for everybody. While we believe they are worth it, we do understand that not everybody will be a fan of being suspended in the air. 

They are probably not a great choice for those that don't have a dedicated place to put the sex swing (i.e. a bedroom that nobody goes in, or a sex dungeon). This is because it is quite obvious that you have a sex swing installed. Sure, there are some that you can get which can be packed away, but the best ones will be the permanent installations.

You will probably want to avoid a sex swing if you don't really have somewhere that you can hang it so that it can freely move. In order for a sex swing to work properly, you need to move it about. We have seen people hang sex swings in their bedroom doorways and this normally results in all sorts of injuries. Remember, if that sex swing is move about during a particularly passionate sex session, then somebody is probably going to bump their head on a wall or a door if they are too close!

This is something that you may also wish to avoid if you are on the weightier side of things. We have heard accounts of them being uncomfortable for heavier people, and thus it may not be worth it unless you are below a certain weight. Although, of course, it is completely your decision there! Just bear in mind that you are going to be swinging from the ceiling. 

Finally, some women find that a sex swing becomes painful to use if they are on the taller side of things. A sex swing tends to work out much better for petite women. Although, this is probably going to depend a lot on where the sex swing is located, as well as the quality of the sex swing.

Final Thoughts

Sex swings are not for everybody. However, for those that enjoy BDSM, want to experiment with new sex positions, or have a bad back, then a sex swing could be worth the cash. They aren't that expensive, and many people that have used sex swings have reported that they have felt that the sex swing added a little bit of extra flair to the sexual relationships.

Remember, if you are going to be picking yourself up a sex swing, you want to ensure that you pick up the best one that you can afford. 

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