5 Great Tips For Steamier Sex Using Restraints

5 Great Tips For Steamier Sex Using Restraints

Alright. Sex with restraints is pretty steamy as it is. Whether you are the sub or the dom, there is a thrill in somebody being tied up and somebody else having their merry way with them. With permission, of course. However, what if we told you that you could spice things up a little bit? What if we told you that we had 5 great tips for steamier sex using restaints? Well, that's exactly what we have. Let's jump in. 

Switch Up The Restraints

When most people start to dabble in restraint sex, handcuffs are the go-to tool. We get it. Handcuffs tend to be cheap. They are the ultimate sign of losing your freedom. However, they aren't the only restraints out there.

Why not experiment a little?

Get your hands on belts, straps, etc. You could even tie your partner up with tape if you want.

The more you experiment with the restraints, the kinkier the play becomes. We suppose it is a psychological thing. The sub never knows what is going to be pulled out of the restraint bag.

It's All In The Foreplay

A big mistake that you can make when it comes to restraint sex is to just jump right into sex. That isn't hot. The real sexual thrill comes from the foreplay.

Dabble in different foreplay techniques. You may want to mix a bit of BDSM in here if your partner is willing. Restraints are all about control, and this is right up the same street as BDSM.

You have somebody tied up. Why not control them? A particular favorite of ours is orgasm denial. However, you may also love to tease various parts of a person's body lightly. They can't force you to touch them where they want to be touched, though. They are tied up, after all.

Remember, if you are going to be doing anything kinkier than just restraints, you should clear everything with your partner beforehand. Make sure that the two of you are on the same page. You may think that this takes a bit of the steam out of things. However, it doesn't. When the two of you know what to expect from your epic sex session, the two of you are going to end up having a tremendous amount of fun in bed.

Add Toys ; Props

Sure. Restraints are toys. However, they don't have to be the only toys that you use. Again, this is going to tie into BDSM a little. 

Pull out some toys so that you can really tease your partner and get them going. Vibrators. Whips. Dildos. The works. The more you have to play with, the kinkier the sex can get.

Restraints can get a little bit boring if you use them all the time. However, once you have a good collection of toys built up, your partner is never going to know how you will treat them during sex. They know that you have complete control over them and, of course, that is just going to be a whole lot steamier. 

Understand What Your Partner Likes

Alright. You have permission to tie up your partner. That's fine. But what do you do once they are tied up? You aren't just going to stare at them, are you?

Before you dive into any steamy sex session with restraints, make sure that you talk to your partner. Get a feel for the sorts of things that they want you to do. Understand their boundaries. Come up with safe words.

As we mentioned before, if both of you are into the sex, then both of you are going to have fun. Restraint sex is neither fun nor steamy when only one person is getting what they want out of it.

When your epic sex session is over, make sure that you look for feedback from your partner. Ask them what they liked and what they didn't like. Try and listen to this feedback. if you do, then your next sex session is going to be even better.

Only Restrain One Part Of The Body At a Time

Amateurs tie every part of a person's body up. Pros do one or two things at a time.

Don't strap somebody to that bed not allowing them to move at all. While it may be hot for some people, it is not going to be hot for everybody.

Some of our best restraint sessions have involved just one or two body parts being tied up at a time. For example, you can handcuff one arm to the bed or the door.

Why is this hotter? Well, it makes the person feel like they have a bit of control over their situation. They have limited movement. They can try and get their partner to do things. Things that may be accepted or denied. It basically makes the sex a bit more interactive, and that is the key top good sex. Everybody needs to be having fun (yes, we are going to keep drumming that point home!)

Of course, there is no reason why you can't have every part of a person's body tied up at the end of the session. As we said, this is the sort of thing that you are going to want to work up to gradually. Really make that sex session longer. The longer it takes to get to orgasm, the kinkier things can get. This is why orgasm denial is so fun!

Final Thoughts

Remember, these are just a few basic tips for making your sex sessions much steamier when you have restraints.

You don't have to follow our advice. In fact, everybody is different when it comes to using restraints. Use our tips as a guideline.  As you learn more about yourself and your partner, you will learn things that get the two of you going. These things will be unique to you. It should only take a few awesome sessions for you to get on a level playing field. 

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