Kinky Cloth 200345142 Stainless Steel Soft Fox Tail Plug

Woodland Soft Fox Tail Plug

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  • Level up your anal training game to an extreme level with this Stainless Steel Soft Fox Tail Plug. This erotic plush will surely increase the excitement you already get, while also adding a little more cuteness to it
  • A pet fetish plug that features an artificial Faux Fur tail material and a stainless steel plug that is designed to wag every time you make sexy booty movements when inserted
  • Adding this anal plugs on your sex toy collections will surely bring the wild side of you
  • There are 2 tail variations that you can choose from. Please check the attached images for the detailed information on the plug’s dimensions
  • The total length is about 40 cm, 1 inch = 2.54 cm
  • Metal Plug Size: Diameter 2.8 cm, Length 6.0 cm