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Spanking Paddle

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BDSM time is only complete with a spanking paddle. Flog, whip, spank, and beat your submissive until their cheeks are warm and red! 32 cm long, faux leather, with a sturdy handle allows Dominant to have a strong grip!

Out of 10:

Loudness: 9

Pain: 2

Customer Reviews

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Great quality

Great quality and came earlier than expected, it takes a few tries to get the heart shape and even then it’s mainly just the outline of the paddle. But other than that it’s perfect:)

Good for some fun, took forever to get here.

It's a good paddle for spanking, trust me, you'll feel it depending on how much force someone hits you with it. My boyfriend said he figured out the best way to hit with it, and since then it's been good! Was almost gonna give it a four stars because it did take around 2 months to get here, but the customer service was actually really nice and they replied to me very fast and offered a refund if it didn't get to me by a certain date. Definitely worth the purchase and the wait. :)

Love it!

Can't wait to try it out!