Kinky Cloth 200000790 Slim Lace-up Denim Tank Crop Top

Slim Lace-up Denim Tank Crop Top

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  • Unique, classy and sexy. The Slim Lace-up Denim Tank Crop Top has pretty lace up feature in the front that rocks whenever you feel like wearing it. You can wear it to almost any event such as raves, parties, festivals or even when just drinking a cup of coffee
  • Made from high quality Polyester and Cotton materials that gives comfort to your day
  • Has a mixture of cotton and denim fabrics
  • Help your friends level up their minimalist get-up by giving them one as a gift. Just don't forget to keep one for yourself
  • These BDSM inspired top is available in various sizes and colors. Be sure to pick one that fits your luscious body perfectly