Kinky Cloth 201235002 Sleeveless Zipped Stretchy Bodycon

Sleeveless Zipper Stretchy Bodysuit

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  • You don’t have to wear a 2 piece to let other people know how curvy and luscious your body is! The Sleeveless Zipped Stretchy Bodycon is a body-fitting bodysuit that emphasizes your naturally perfect physique
  • Features an overall knitted fabric, sleveless cut, round-ribbed neck, above-the-knee shorts cut, boob supporter, and a zipper decor in front that you can adjust according to your preference
  • Made from quality Polyester and Spandex material
  • Available in 2 solid colors: Brown and Gray. Choose one that best suits the occasion, or just collect them all
  • The Sleeveless Zipped Stretchy Bodycon has a lot of sizes for you to choose from. Check the photos section for the accurate measurements