Kinky Cloth 200000174 Beige Rainbow Heart Pompoms Keychain

Rainbow Heart Pompoms Keychain

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  • Never let your things be boring, even the smallest one. The Rainbow Heart Pompoms Keychain is a cute, striking and very fashionable keychain that dangles whenever you're in motion. You can put it on your bag, wallet, or anywhere to keep you in a pleasant mood
  • This can be a great keychain for your door keys too!
  • Made from quality Zinc Alloy, Acrylic (Fake Fur), and Metal Alloy materials
  • It has a size of 15x10x4cm, and weighs approximately 20g
  • These Rainbow Heart Pompoms Keychains make a perfect gift for your fun family members or friends. Just don't forget to keep one for yourself too
  • Available in 17 colors. Pick one that attracts you most or collect them all!