Kinky Cloth 200003991 1 Multicolor Fluffy Plush Anime Hair Clips

Fluffy Anime Ears Hair Clips

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  • Magical at its finest! The Multicolor Fluffy Plush Anime Hair Clips is an appealing, fun and realistic pin that you can attach to your hair to keep you cute wherever you go. Wearing this is a great way to finish your kawaii ensemble
  • This 2pc set is guaranteed suitable for all hair lengths
  • Functions great for events such as parties, costume contests, gatherings, and when you just feel like it
  • You can also wear this Multicolor Fluffy Plush Anime Hair Clips during roleplay with your partner
  • Made from quality Plush material, and has an approximate size of 17cm
  • Available in 5 different color combinations. Pick your favorite one or collect them all