Kinky Cloth 200001800 Black / One Size Lazer Teddy Lingerie One Piece Bodysuit

Lazer Teddy Lingerie One Piece Bodysuit

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  • Titillating and bewitching. The Lazer Teddy Lingerie One Piece Bodysuit is a perfect adult bodysuit that has unique features specially designed to fulfill you and your partner's sexual desires on or off the bed
  • You can also wear this on specific costume events, parties, or as a voluptuous underwear when you feel like chilling on your home
  • To give you a total of 100% compelling and comfy look, this onesie is made from quality Stretch and Spandex materials
  • Available in 8 colors. Choose one that matches your look and mood
  • One size fits most body sizes. Check the size chart below for more accurate measurements
 BUST 64-118cm (25-46.5 in)
WAIST 60-86cm (24.0-34.0 in)
FRONT LENGTH 42cm (16.5 in)