Kinky Cloth 200001895 red / 4XL Dark Red Transparent Lingerie Nightwear

Dark Red Transparent Lingerie Nightwear Set

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  • Set your partner's bed attitude to a whole new level! The Dark Red Transparent Lingerie Nightwear is a charming, sophisticated and see-through lingerie that is also perfect for a plus size women around. Dolling up with this set during date night is never a problem
  • Made from excellent quality Polyester and Spandex blend materials, and Lace fabric type that is meticulously crafted to give you an overall 100% comfortable and voluptuous dress
  • The Dark Red Transparent Lingerie Nightwear features an above the knee length, adjustable strap, bow, embroidered pattern decoration, a plunging neckline, and a transparent dress and bikini
  • The set includes a one piece bikini and one piece dress
  • Available in 9 sizes from S-6XL. Please check the photos section for the accurate fit