Brats Do It Better Crop Top

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  • Leather harnesses and lace lingerie can be fun, but sometimes the hottest outfit is a simple, tight t-shirt and a Bratty Attitude.
  • Daddy has been giving you that disapproving look today. He is displeased with your laziness, your door slamming, and your whining. He commands you to go put on your Kinky Cloth Top, because he’s going to punish your haughty, bratty mouth and throat (which is exactly what  you wanted all along 😈) Little does he know that “Brats Do It Better.” 👅
  • 100% Cotton - Hugs your body perfectly, but so comfortable for cuddles afterwards.
  • Excellent quality printing. No peeling or fading.
  • Crop Tops - Women’s Size S to XL
  • T-Shirt - Unisex Size S to 4XL