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Baby Girl Top

Baby Girl Top

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Secondary color
  • Baby Girl is our favorite thing for Daddy to call us. Let your hip-hop, athletic style collide with your secret DDLG life.
  • Wear it with a pleated skirt, your favorite sneakers, and colorful sunglasses on a day date with Daddy! 
  • No one will know how much of a 'Baby Girl' you really are. That secret is only between you and Daddy.
  • Or when you're safe at home, rock this super soft, comfortable shirt with your cutest, sexy panties to tease Daddy.
  • We guarantee he'll be pulling this top off as soon as he sees you.
  • Sizing charts for the crop top and t-shirt is in the attached photos!



princessbabygirl666, pixiepuberty , missmarieofficial

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