Kinky Cloth Stickers 50 PVC Stickers Pack

50 PVC Stickers Pack

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  • 50 stickers to a pack all assorted variety with no duplicates!
  • Stickers are made of high quality PVC material that is UV proof and waterproof.
  • Easy removal of stickers, no messy sticky residue left over after removing them from any surface!
  • Height: 1.2in(3CM)-3.15 in(8CM)
  • Length: 1.2in(3CM)-3.15 in(8CM)
  • Width: 1.2in(3CM)-3.15 in(8CM)
  • Great stickers for scrapbooking, customizing laptops, skateboard decks, luggage, car bumpers and rear windows, lockers, whiteboards, mirrors or anywhere else!