Kinky Cloth 39050508 Jellyfish 3D LED Novelty Illusion Night Lamp

3D LED Table Lamp

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  • Lighten up anyone’s place using this 3D LED TABLE LAMP. These shiny lamps glow beautifully as a décor in your room and doesn't need a bulb to light it up because it is already fixed on the glass
  • Has a dimension of approximately 210mm*135mm
  • This lamp shade is AC power sourced, and has a voltage of 5V
  • There are eleven different designs that you can choose from. Be sure to pick one that matches your room or one that best sets you in a good mood
  • You may check the measurement information below:
Base Size 10x4cm
Pattern Board (Regular Size) 18x14cm 
Single Belt Box Size 20x15x5cm