Partner Support

Below is everything you need to know to get started referring friends and followers to Kinky Cloth so you can make money! If you haven't done so click here to join as a partner so you can begin earning money with Kinky Cloth.

Get Your Referral Link

First make sure you are logged into the partner dashboard. Once logged in, your referral link can be found by clicking on "Referral URL's" in the left hand column.

Customize Your Referral Link

To customize your referral link, click Aliases and create a new alias. This step is optional. This will make the partner ID at the end of your referral link customizable. You can see in the below example how creating an alias updates your referral link.


Where to Post Your Referral Link(s)

Pinterest - Pin items from Kinky Cloth to Pinterest and use your referral ID as the URL for the pin. This will get you more clicks through your referral ID and make you more.

Instagram - We recommend setting an alias for your referral URL to be similar or the same as your Instagram username. For best results include your entire referral URL in your Instagram bio or photo caption and consider using a free URL shortener like to save space.




Custom Coupon Codes

Custom coupon codes available upon request for tracking/incentivizing conversions. Just hit us up and let us know what you want your coupon code text to be. This is optional but is an ideal way to track your referrals when you cannot use a referral link.

Getting Paid

We make payments via PayPal once per month. To ensure you get paid on time make sure your PayPal email is included in your partner profile.

If you are not sure if we have this information on file, please check your profile and then contact us if you are still concerned.