How to Promote

Q: I'm approved as an affiliate, now what?

A: Refer people to using your referral link or custom code. This link can be found in the welcome email you received after signing up or in the affiliate dashboard.


Q: Where and how should I refer people?

A: You can send traffic anyway you like! The most popular and highest performing traffic channels are Pinterest, Tumblr and Instagram.

Many of our affiliates refer traffic from their social media accounts by placing their links in their bios and making posts on their accounts showing off Kinky Cloth items.


If you have your own website or following elsewhere, feel free to promote on there as well!


Q: How do I use coupon codes to increase conversions?

A: There are 2 ways to use coupon codes to earn more commissions.

Option 1 - give users the coupon code "KINKYSHIP" for free shipping.

Option 2 - get a custom $5 off coupon code of your choice.

With option 1 you will not earn commission unless the customer used your referral link FIRST to get to the site and then uses the coupon code.

With option 2 the user never needs to use your referral link and you will still be credited with the sale.

Option 2 is recommended since you can still earn commission if your posts or marketing efforts go viral (think viral Pinterest or IG posts with YOUR coupon code in it being spread like wild fire = $$$).

Option 2 is also a great option if you'd like to take your marketing efforts offline - for example dropping flyers or business cards with your coupon code and "" on them to drive offline traffic.

Users will be incentivized to buy using your $5 coupon code, and the sale gets attributed to your affiliate account.


Q: How do I get a custom coupon code?

A: Contact us here and we will gladly set one up for you. Tell us what you want your code to say but try to limit it to 6-11 characters at most. For example: KINKYSHIP or KINKYNEW.


Q: What traffic sources get the best results?

A: All website traffic converts into sales differently but if you plan on promoting via social media or networking sites, Tumblr, Instagram and Pinterest are some of the top places to post.


Q: Where else can I post links and images to earn $$$?

A: Facebook pages, message boards/forums, blog comments, Twitter to name just a few.