Kinky Cloth 100001765 Serious / 30cm Pudgy Seal Stuffie

Pudgy Seal Stuffie

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  • Realistic, cozy and cute. The Pudgy Seal Stuffie is a lifelike and charming stuffed toy that has a snuggly soft details, and crafted to meet your desired quality standards, to meet your ideal cuddling needs
  • This plush replica of Seal makes a perfect stuffie for all seal obsessed people, like you
  • You can use this Pudgy Seal Stuffie as a huggable pillow, decoration, or nap-time buddy
  • Also perfect for Seal lovers who aren't able to see real ones frequently
  • Made from Cotton material and PP Cotton material as filling
  • There are 2 different designs available for your choosing: Serious and Smile. You can pick the cutest one for you or collect them all!