Collection: Harnesses

Those interested in our Harness Collection likely fall into two groups: greedy Sluts/Slaves purchasing the harness, and the powerful Dom(mes), or Dominants. One is hoping to be used and abused in these pu leather/metal pieces, and the other is hoping the harness is strong enough to outlast the beating they’re about to dole out. Well fortunately for everyone, these BDSM harnesses are fantastic quality. If you choose to dress your Submissive in one, it will surely withstand all your spanking paddles, whips, ball gags, flogging clubs, and handcuffs.

On the flip side, this collection includes elastic/adjustable harnesses, which will make any Master or Mistress appear absolutely intimidating, sexual, and powerful. These Dominant fashion pieces will truly complete your role playing fantasies. Harnesses are a must add item to your wardrobe if you are kinky. They are a staple BDSM item and can be worn by both Subs and Doms. So it doesn’t matter if you’re a submissive little slut or a powerful and dominant master, we’ve got the harnesses for you! All of our harnesses are made of high quality materials and hence, are quite strong.

Strong enough to resist the spanking of your master, if you wish to be a sub. So slip into one of our harnesses and let your master show your place with handcuffs, ball gags and whips. The sensation of being dominated while wearing a harness will be intense, to say the least. Intense enough to make you squirm in pleasure. Moreover, our harnesses are also elastic and adjustable in size. That means that they will perfectly fit your body, and accentuate your figure. This will make you look more sexual. If you are a Dom, this body fit will make you look more powerful and intimidating. A good way to assert dominance to your Sub, and show them whose boss.

We have various types of harnesses available, including belt, leather and chain harnesses. We also have various designs available, so you can cover your naked body exactly as you wish. If you want to outline your breasts, you can choose from our bra harnesses. The feeling of have your boobs squeezed is definitely arousing. Looking to cover your face, get our face harness. Feeling like a submissive little pet? Get our collar harness, so your master can carry you around by the neck. Therefore, as you can see, we have a wide collection of harnesses available to meet your bondage needs. Use these to up your kink game, and make your BDSM retreats more intense than ever before!