Kinky Cloth 200000298 Travelling Rabbit Both Shoulders Bale Black Bag

Rabbit Rag Doll Shoulder Bag

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  • Bring your goth personality wherever your feet may take you! The Rabbit Rag Doll Shoulder Bag is a simple, huggable, and proven convenient bag that features a rabbit design that gives you both a carry on bag and a bear at the same time
  • Guaranteed suitable for all ages
  • This go-to bag is also perfect for any rave, festival, party, cosplays, costume parties, and even during your social gatherings
  • Rabbit Rag Doll Shoulder Bag is made of quality PU main belt material, and has 37cm x 45cm capacity
  • Approximate length is 90 and width is 30
  • Makes a fun gift to your emo friends, children and loved ones
  • Check the chart below for the actual photos