Kinky Cloth 200001518 Scorpion Big Silicone Beads Plug

Scorpion Big Silicone Beads Plug

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  • Don't settle for less exciting and smaller pieces! This Scorpion Big Silicone Beads Plug is an erotic, tantalizing and exotic sex toy that made for those people who want to take their anal gaming and masturbation to an out of the world level
  • It features satisfying big beads that gives you pleasure every time you want to play on your own
  • This Scorpion Big Silicone Beads Plug can be a perfect accessory during foreplays with your partner
  • It has an approximate size of 36cm x 3.5cm
  • These plugs are useable, and made from safe Silicone material
  • Makes a naughty gift to your gay and sheena friends, or anyone who you know enjoys being on their own