Kinky Cloth Bodysuit black / L Baby Girl Onesie

Baby Girl Onesie

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  • This versatile snap-crotch Onesie is perfect to translate from Little Space to Alternative Fashionista! 
  • Out and about, rock this bodysuit for a subtle, secretive DDLG statement.
  • Paired with a pleated skirt, and some rad garter tights, and a spiked collar, everyone will be too busy admiring your outfit to know the true meaning behind the embroidered 'Baby Girl' decoration.
  • At home, this comfortable, but sexy bodysuit (along with some thigh high socks and a pacifier) will surely have Daddy pulling you close and whispering in your ear, "Who's my little Baby Girl?" Before you can reply, he'll be snapping open the crotch for sure!