What Are The Most Popular Sex Toys For Men?

What Are The Most Popular Sex Toys For Men?

Whenever people discuss sex toys, they always spend a whole lot of time focusing on female sex toys. Very rarely does the idea of a male sex toy enter the equation. Well, guess what? We are going to buck that trend! You see, on this page, we are going to discuss the most popular sex toys for men.

This is just a general overview of the types of toys that men will be able to enjoy. Obviously, under each category, there will be a selection of different toys to choose from. We are sure that you won't have too much trouble finding something that suits your budget!


If there is one male sex toy that stands head and shoulders above all others, then it has to be the fleshlight. The fleshlight is pretty much the closest that you can get to being inside of somebody without actually being inside of them.

The fleshlight is essentially a handheld male masturbator (discreetly packaged, looks like a flashlight) with an insert that feels like a vagina, anus, or mouth. Pull it out whenever you want to play with yourself. You'll have fun. 

Anal Beads

If you are pretty experienced when it comes to anal play, then anal beads are probably going to go down a real treat. Slide these deep inside of you and you are going to have a ton of fun! 

There are different sizes and lengths of anal beads. If you aren't that experienced, then you may want to start off with something small. However, when you want to give that ass a good stretching, there are much, much larger beads that you can play with!

Anal Plug

If anal beads aren't your thing (they do have to be inserted pretty deeply), then an anal plug may be up your street instead.

One of the great things about an anal plug is that you can wear this all day. When you are walking around, nobody is going to know that you have an anal plug buried deep inside of you, giving you almost constant pleasure. 

Prostate Massagers

Again, sticking on the whole ass theme here. You can get prostate massagers.

Think of these as vibrators for men. You slide them into you. They vibrate. You orgasm. Simple stuff.

There are a lot of different prostate massagers on the market nowadays. Like, the selection is absolutely massive. Some of our favorite prostate massagers can be controlled by your partner using an app. This is great for those that fancy themselves as subs. 

Of course, there is a prostate massager for everybody out there. We recommend that you pick yourself one up that is quite gentle if you are new to things. Trust us, if you have never felt the vibrations of a prostate massager before, you are going to be in for quite a shock.

This certainly isn't the sort of thing that you want to have cranked up to the maximum! Well, at least not while you are getting used to it.

Cock Ring

In the past, a cock ring was a pretty bland piece of plastic. Sure, it gave pleasure to both a man and a woman, but it was still a bland bit of plastic. However, like most male sex toys, the humble cock ring has now been given a bit of an upgrade.

Nowadays, you can pick up vibrating cock rings. You won't believe the amount of pleasure that you can get. In fact, if you are bringing a woman in on the action, she is going to have that cock ring vibrating against her clit. you are going to love the tightness around your cock. 

Of course, if you are sticking to a pretty tight budget, then you may need to forgo that vibrating cock ring. However, don't worry. The cheap plastic ones still feel as fantastic as they did all those years ago (which is pretty fantastic!)

Masturbation Sleeves

We suppose that this is something that roughly falls into the same category as fleshlight. This means a sleeve that you can slide your dick into. A lot of the top masturbation sleeves on the market aren't designed so simulate a vagina, etc. though. Oh no. They are filled with all sorts of bumps and grooves designed to stimulate your cock in all the right ways.

There are a ton of masturbation sleeves on the market. You have vibrating and non-vibrating ones. We are sure that you won't struggle to find something that feels absolutely perfect when it is wrapped around your rock-solid cock.

Automatic Blowjob Machines

Yep. You now have male sex toys designed to simulate a blowjob. We have tried some of the better ones on the market, and they do a pretty bang-up job. 

One of the great things about some of the better automatic blowjob machines out there is the fact that you change the settings. This means that you get to enjoy a different blowjob every time it is wrapped around your dick. It is like being with a different partner multiple times per day! 

Sex Dolls

We know that there will be some people out there that will argue that a sex doll isn't a male sex toy. However, it is. Sex dolls are for having fun. Sex dolls are pretty realistic nowadays too.

In the past, the sex doll would have been a simple inflatable. However, nowadays, you have solid dolls designed to mimic some of the biggest porn stars in the business. They have realistic 'parts', and some of them can even talk to you!

Final Thoughts 

As you can see, when it comes to popular sex toys for men, you have a ton of them to choose from. We are sure that once you start to dive into the wealth of toys available on the market, you should have absolutely no issues finding something that is going to be absolutely perfect for your hard cock. In fact, you will probably want to build up quite a collection.

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