Goths vs Vampires: Who Is Better In Bed?

Goths vs Vampires: Who Is Better In Bed?

Goths and vampires. Two subcultures that have a bit of an overlap, but ask any goth or vampire, and they will tell you that the two are completely distinct from one another.

On this page, we are going to answer the age-old question; who is better in bed? Goths or vampires? To do that, we are probably going to need to start by telling you what each of these cultures is about.

What Is Goth Culture?

Goth is a music-based subculture that got started in the UK in the 1980s. Goths are characterized by their black clothing and music choices. This is pretty much where the definition of goth ends. It explodes into a few different subcultures after this e.g. emo.

Goths tend to be quite sexually open, and a lot of goths practice female empowerment. However, we will be talking more about that in a short while. All you really need to know right now is that goth culture really focuses on the woman, with the male often being subservient to them. 

What Is Vampire Culture?

As far as we know, real vampires don't exist. However, the vampire subculture comes pretty close to it.

As you can probably guess from the name, the vampire culture mimics vampires. This means literally 'sucking' the life force from something.

Vampire culture is pretty ritualistic, and some feed on the emotions of others (great for BDSM), while others will literally consume blood. Yep. You read that right.

Vampire culture is pretty new, but it seems to be exploding in popularity over the last few years. A lot of those that follow vampire culture really follow vampire culture properly. They will roleplay in both private and public the idea of being a vampire. When you have somebody that is willing to put themselves on the line like this, then you know that you are going to be enjoying something immensely kinky in the bedroom.

You Will Like Goth Sex If...

Goth sex is much more 'vanilla' in comparison to vampire sex, although pretty much anything is going to be vanilla in comparison to vampire sex.

Goth sex really focuses on female empowerment. It is about putting females in a position of power and control over their partners. Females in the gotch culture tend to dress incredibly sexy, while men dress in a way where they almost take on feminine traits e.g. long hair, and sometimes skirts. This is something that plays off in the bedroom.

Goths tend to be pretty sexually experimental. They are willing to try and a lot of things, and they often thrive in the world of BDSM, particularly dominatrix (due to the idea of female empowerment).

Goth sex is something that tends to work a whole lot better for those that like their sex kinky, but not too kinky. A bit of light sub/dom play is about as far as it will get, with females often taking on the dom role.

For most people, goths are probably going to be a whole lot better in bed. After all, most of us are not really fans of anything get too much on the kinky side.

You Will Like Vampire Sex If...

You will love vampire sex if you love to really get into the proper filthy stuff in bed.

As we mentioned earlier, vampire culture is very ritualistic in the way it does things. 

Vampires often take the dom/sub play to the next level. This is because many of those in the vampire culture 'feast' on the pain of others. They want to break somebody because that is how they get their kicks. If you are a sub that loves to be broken down both physically and emotionally, then you are probably going to love vampire sex.

This isn't where the kinky stuff ends, though. Oh no. As we said earlier, a lot of vampires are into their blood play. You may often find yourself being cut during vampire sex. Some people may even taste your blood, or even ask you to taste theirs. Don't worry. As long as the two of you have been tested, this is probably going to be safe. Because blood has to be drawn, you will often find that vampire sex relies heavily on pain and punishment, something which may not be for everybody. Sadomasochism often goes hand-in-hand with vampire sex, according to a wealth of different studies. 

Because of the whole vampire thing, you may even find that roleplay finds its way into the bedroom quite a bit. There are a lot of people in the vampire subculture that genuinely love to roleplay the idea of being a vampire. People can get pretty heavy into that stuff too. It almost becomes part of their personality. 

So, you will love vampire sex if you are a sucker for punishment (or you love to punish somebody else). Obviously, there are some people that will find this to be the greatest sex they have had in their lives, while there are others who won't be a huge fan of it. We all have our own kinks in the bedroom, after all.

Final Thoughts

It is impossible to say whether vampire sex or goth sex is better. They both offer completely different experiences.

We reckon that you are probably going to fall in love with goth sex a lot more if you like your sex to have an edge of kinkiness, but not too much. You will probably love it more if you are a woman that loves to dominate or a man that enjoys being submissive.

Vampire sex is where you want to be if you are into the downright kinky stuff. We are talking about serious pain play. Bleeding. Breaking somebody both physically and mentally (with permission), and even a dash of blood-sucking.

Both groups have great people to fuck. It is up to you to find somebody that is a great fit for what you want in the bedroom.  

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